Dr Oz uses for Muscle and Joint Pain- Herbal Pain Patches

Dr Oz has featured Herbal Pain Patches on his show many times to relieve pain. He personally uses them.

Dr Daniel Hsu on the Doctor Oz show talked about Herbal Pain Patches – an ancient remedy that has been used in China  for Muscle and Joint Pain.

It is natural, fast acting and lasts a long time.

They contain herbs like Frankincense and Myrrh that help the flow of blood, stem inflammation and reduce pain.  The herbs are infused into the patch.

Apply on the area where the pain is.

Also Elastic Therapeutic Tape that can be used for neck and shoulder pain.  Physical Therapist Karena Wu on the Dr Oz Show talked about how Elastic Therapeutic Tape reduce swelling,strengthen muscles and tendon, relax muscles and joints and  hold joints in place.

Elastic Therapeutic Tape is used by athletes

The tape can be applied in a specific direction and is very simple to apply.   Relief is almost immediate  – it feels natural and light – leave on for three day.


Omron is a sponsor of Dr Oz and this pain device was featured on his show.